arimiXalia Engagement Ceremony

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Its been a while this beauty blog hasn't updated! Because I am no longer have some time to transfer photos to laptop and update :( but surely will download blogger apps on phone soon :p So tonight's writing is solely about my engagement which obviously stated at the title above!

So, I would like to extent my gratitude speech to each of everyone who participated in this ceremony. But before that, I would like to apologize on behalf of my family for the invitation list due to limited guest number. Since this is closed, so only few members of my big family participated, the rest were all Jimi's side and my bestfriends. Do not worry, we will invite each of the person come across my family's mind on wedding so, who's with me!!!!

Ok so, lets begin -- to my parents, how we always fight for decision especially father, but at the end he always follow what I want but modify it to his version 😅 and of course, the he contributed the most financially! The ceremony wouldn't be happening without him! ❤️ To  mother, hm I couldnt mention each of her deeds towards me but thank you so much for always being the heart for every ceremony! She's always been the heart of everyone :)

To my sisters, who always be there and completed me in any way possible especially my 2nd sister, who helping me from A to Z ; making hantaran, did my make up, help me out during SPA exam a night before the ceremony (which Ive been the busiest), buying all the incomplete stuff, always giving ideas and advice!. My only brother and SIL, who always look up for me just like my 2nd parents. And my closest aunt and uncle 's family, for always always always help my family in any way a person could help

To Jimi's parents, who accept the way I am, who always always always helped me in every situation, who always take care of me like their own daughter, they even helped me in my hard time which I couldn't thank more for that and always giving me such unconditional love. Thank you and I love for both of you. 

To my FBIL 's family, tqsomuch for coming and we became really close in split second and what surprised me on how easy you guys blend with Jimi - since he's always failed in blending. Tqsomuch Irma, Bai and Wan Abu!!!

To my girls, helping me with dais, giving idea, be there for me through ups and; downs no matter how far we being apart, especially Mida, Teha and Ain, omg I can't imagine what's going to happen without you guys 😭❤️. And for boys, tq for always support me and Jimi, also being the coolest life supporters on earth, hope our friendship will be forever because who's going to babysit my children anyway one day if not you guys? :P

To Apis, Megat and; Jojut, I couldnt imagine how fall apart Jimi's life without you guys. Tq for always be there for Jimi and become the best life advisor to him, I really appreciate that 💜 There are actually a lot of Jimi's best man but only a few can make it to come but its ok, see you guys on other ceremony inshaAllah!

So maybe on my next post, I'm gonna share my DIY engagement stage/dais budget. Stay tuned! Lets move on with the pictures!

My father on meeting session

My uncle, as representative leader on behalf my father :)

Jimi's side

Jimi's parents :)
The ring chose by Jimi, I never know he has a nice taste!

Hantaran (Jimi's side)

The cupcakes (Thanks to my aunt for sponsoring this!)

Hantaran (my side) did by 2nd sister helped my mom, aunt and cousins 
Jimi's big family !
When the date was confirmed !!!!

My parents :)

Jimi and his parents :)

My only brother/2nd father

My beautiful sisters!!!!

My aunt's family :)

My future Brother In Law 's family

Girls !!


Jimi's grandmother, she came all the way from Kedah just to attend our ceremony. I love her so so much, I always cry when I get to meet her. Idk why :( Thank you Tok Mak :')

Erghhhhh my babies!!! Kakak adik, Acik Baby, Edzar, Chenta and Aufa

Pengiring girl and boy :)
Me before walked in to nervousness :p

And last but not least, my super everything. Thank you for choosing me as your lifetime partner, I can't wait for being his offical mrs because, he is my best buddies ever that I want to spend my life with.

Ok itu sahaja. So the footnote down below are all listed the team/person who involved -- click to find them directly on Instagram/Facebook.



Hantaran (Jimi's)

Hantaran (Alia's) 



Thank you for reading!

I am not a good writer, I just write here to spread my thoughts. I don't know why lately I am addicted to the historical movies, or documentaries. As I remembered, I do hate histories, a typical students will said that history is a boring subjects that we are forced to learn by olders. But, as I growing up.. almost 22 years old. I am getting addicted to them.. history.. old times.. old people.. They keep me wondering about how things was hidden for decades, or centuries. All the movies and documentaries are just some or bunch of stories that REVEALED. We never know how much there are. 

Maybe thousands or millions that their stories was hidden. As I am living for 22 years old I realized that I didn't do anything like them (all the stories that i watched). It was so much differ from 22years old girl of 2016 version and 1930s version. I know its not relevant to compared. But.. the way they spent their time. They were just happy by talking, by walking while seeing the scenery, they were not afraid of what people said, or what people thought, they weren't bother at all. and they don't have time to showing off. How can I make people will continue passing down my stories to their children, grandchildren, grand-grandchildren, so that my stories will never get buried with me. 

I spent my whole 22years old by showing off that my life was THAT perfect, which its not really is. I spent my life by sleeping like a girl who doesn't sleep for years because I just tired with my deals. I spent my life by studying and learning what I don't like and continue to brag and blame about it everytime I failed. When I die, people eventually will forget.. maybe a few days later, or a month later or years later.. but still. they will forget, they will move on. But I want to create a story of my life, which will passed down to my great-great-great-great grandchildren after 10 or 20 years later. 


Serabut otok

Kadang-kadang apa yang kita rancang, memang jarang sekali jadi betul-betul apa kita tulis
Kadang-kadang apa yang kita jangka, memang jauh sekali dari apa yang jadi
Kadang-kadang apa yang kita rasa, memang beza sekali dengan apa orang nampak pada zahir kita

What mom said was right, hidup ni kita belajar bukan takat atas buku. dari pengalaman kita belajar.. dari manusia kita belajar.. dari pilihan kita belajar.. dari salah kita belajar.. dari betul kita belajar.. tiap tiap saat jam berdetik, kita belajar. You will realize how the world is spinning, how important things you think it was before, not anymore.. how people come and go, how few people stay. how precious time passing and how you embrace every moment.. its you. You decide.

Hatred. A single word that could kill somebody inside.

I almost confused every second between myself, and myself who people asked me to be. Because I thought if I were different, people leave with horrible judgement. If I were not, they accept me perhaps. And I started to believe, that, from now, I chose..

to be myself. Will you leave too?



its a normal feelings which everyone feel "if you can't accept them, i don't accept you" , since everyone put family first so do I, I even can trade my life for them, Muhammad Zakwan (as my follower's blog know i have a lil bro and yeah he's growing up) , Muhammad Edzar (my bro's son) and Chenta Nur Qairina (my 2nd sis's daughter), because i do know not everyone can deal with kids, like me, i can't deal with cats. aha.

yes, I do like kids. Bring me one, i'll treat like my own.

And yes, i'm an aunt, feel a bit older. Whatever.



hello kepada para pembaca, I know I haven't update for a quite time. I've been too too too too too too (repeat it sampai penat) busy and totally out of time nak menulis, so since I'm on semester break, curi lah sikit masa writing pasal my life yang tak seberapa.

okay, first, for all reader (specific to stalker) i already deleted my former post, yes, everything, because i am kind of "starting a new life back then" now, so apa kata kita delete yang dulu, dan kita mula yang baru ? wah gitew.

okay let's start all over again ! hello I'm Alia and I like warm hugs, I am 20 y/o now, baru habis first year degree student as pure economics student di UUM, what else what else, I like chocolate and I hate cheese, I hate waiting, I like rain, books, selfiess, taking pictures, I talk a lot, 80% of my ideas come out so wrong, got a very big ego and yes i got someone who really know how to break it well. 

well, life sekarang, I'm not at home for almost 6month, and this is my very first time jauh dengan family, homesick tu of course ada, nak-nak bila ada problem, lagi lah asyik nak mak T____T but seriously, what mom said was right, degree life is not totally about knowledge and books, its how you deal with people, how you manage your comfort zone, and how you know where you stand. 

I learn a lot. about life. I learned how to think positive every beginning of the day and be grateful of all I have, trust everything happened must be a reason, I learned to not expect more with everyone in your life and how to keep priorities in line. (actually thanks to someone who taught me well) and I'm learning myself everyday. 

selfie with the most beautiful women on earth, mom, as a first photo on a very first entry

will update later, bye !