Serabut otok

Kadang-kadang apa yang kita rancang, memang jarang sekali jadi betul-betul apa kita tulis
Kadang-kadang apa yang kita jangka, memang jauh sekali dari apa yang jadi
Kadang-kadang apa yang kita rasa, memang beza sekali dengan apa orang nampak pada zahir kita

What mom said was right, hidup ni kita belajar bukan takat atas buku. dari pengalaman kita belajar.. dari manusia kita belajar.. dari pilihan kita belajar.. dari salah kita belajar.. dari betul kita belajar.. tiap tiap saat jam berdetik, kita belajar. You will realize how the world is spinning, how important things you think it was before, not anymore.. how people come and go, how few people stay. how precious time passing and how you embrace every moment.. its you. You decide.

Hatred. A single word that could kill somebody inside.

I almost confused every second between myself, and myself who people asked me to be. Because I thought if I were different, people leave with horrible judgement. If I were not, they accept me perhaps. And I started to believe, that, from now, I chose..

to be myself. Will you leave too?

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