hello kepada para pembaca, I know I haven't update for a quite time. I've been too too too too too too (repeat it sampai penat) busy and totally out of time nak menulis, so since I'm on semester break, curi lah sikit masa writing pasal my life yang tak seberapa.

okay, first, for all reader (specific to stalker) i already deleted my former post, yes, everything, because i am kind of "starting a new life back then" now, so apa kata kita delete yang dulu, dan kita mula yang baru ? wah gitew.

okay let's start all over again ! hello I'm Alia and I like warm hugs, I am 20 y/o now, baru habis first year degree student as pure economics student di UUM, what else what else, I like chocolate and I hate cheese, I hate waiting, I like rain, books, selfiess, taking pictures, I talk a lot, 80% of my ideas come out so wrong, got a very big ego and yes i got someone who really know how to break it well. 

well, life sekarang, I'm not at home for almost 6month, and this is my very first time jauh dengan family, homesick tu of course ada, nak-nak bila ada problem, lagi lah asyik nak mak T____T but seriously, what mom said was right, degree life is not totally about knowledge and books, its how you deal with people, how you manage your comfort zone, and how you know where you stand. 

I learn a lot. about life. I learned how to think positive every beginning of the day and be grateful of all I have, trust everything happened must be a reason, I learned to not expect more with everyone in your life and how to keep priorities in line. (actually thanks to someone who taught me well) and I'm learning myself everyday. 

selfie with the most beautiful women on earth, mom, as a first photo on a very first entry

will update later, bye !


Syaidatul Amanina said...

alia nasir......heee...really2 miss u dude...happy holidays n insyaallah till we meet again ok.....hee....gud lax pretty...:)

Alia Nasir said...

thanks aman miss you even more ! :) @syaidatulamanina